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  • +Purchasing managerDongguan5人2019-12-27
    job requirements
    1. More than five years of working experience, mainly in large-scale CABLE, computer peripheral or consumer electronics factory procurement and procurement work management experience;
    2. Responsible for summarizing the application procurement of the design department, compiling the procurement plan, and organizing the implementation after review by the procurement manager;
    3. Formulate the annual work goals and work plan of the Purchasing Department, and implement it after the approval of the Purchasing Director;
    4. Responsible for formulating the working procedures and corresponding rules and regulations of the purchasing department, and organize the implementation after the approval of the purchasing manager;
    5. Regularly inspect and supervise the implementation of the working procedures, implementation rules and regulations of the procurement department;
    6. The duties of the director of the purchasing department should promptly and accurately communicate the instructions of the superior.
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  • +Automotive wiring harness procurement engineerDongguan5人2019-12-27
    job requirements
    1. College degree or above;
    2. More than 3 years working experience in development and procurement; familiar with automobile wiring harness structure;
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  • +ME engineerDongguan5人2019-12-27
    job requirements
    1. Can design related fixtures according to the product;
    2, can analyze abnormal problems in production and propose effective improvement countermeasures;
    3. Familiar with USB3.0, HDMI and SMT related processing flow is preferred.
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  • +Automotive wiring harness salesmanDongguan5人2019-12-27
    job requirements
    1. College degree in international trade, marketing, etc.
    2. Experience in automotive wiring harness / Cable product sales;
    3. Have customer resources and the ability to develop customers independently.
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  • +Business copyDongguan5人2019-12-27
    job requirements
    1. Familiar with connectors, consumer electronics and other products;
    2. Have more than 2 years of documentary work experience;
    3. Strong communication and coordination skills, and good English.
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  • +Foreign trade clerkDongguan5人2019-12-27
    job requirements
    1. Marketing or foreign trade related major, college degree or above;
    2. Proficiency in computer operation, strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, can communicate directly with customers. (English level 4 or above);
    3. It is better to have overseas exhibiting experience and have good teamwork ability;
    4, have experience in the electronics industry, connectors, wires are preferred.
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  • +Foreign trade managerDongguan5人2019-12-27
    job requirements
    1. College degree or above, good English and computer skills;
    2. More than 6 years of foreign trade work experience, preferably foreign trade work experience in computer peripheral products or communication products. Have developed or served well-known brand customers. At least 3 years working experience in the same position. Has rich network platform management and rich experience in exhibition promotion;
    3. Independent organization, leadership and management of the sales team to complete the company's sales goals, be able to independently develop overseas sales markets and development potential;
    4. Successful cases of major customer development, follow-up, ordering and service.
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  • +Electrical EngineerDongguan5人2019-12-27
    job requirements

    1. Electronic engineering self-control, electrical and measurement and control majors;

    2. Familiar with PLC as the core electrical system; with PLC programming and debugging capabilities;

    3. Independently completed more than three years of non-standard automation equipment electrical design, production, debugging and installation experience

    4. Have a solid theoretical foundation of electronic and electrical and automatic control;

    5, have strong ability to communicate and team spirit, have a sense of responsibility and obey leadership arrangements according to work needs

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  • +Vision software engineerDongguan5人2019-12-27
    job requirements
    1. Graduated in industrial automation or mechanical design related major, college degree or above;
    2. Have two to three years of mechanical equipment or non-standard automation, mechanical hand, robot structural design experience;
    3. Familiar with 3D software and familiar with related control components of industrial automation;
    4. Designers who understand PLC programming or laser welding machine are preferred.
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  • +ERP engineerDongguan5人2019-12-27
    job requirements
    1. Computer or related major; more than one year of ERP system implementation or maintenance, use experience, familiar with production enterprise processes;
    2. Familiar with Office software, responsible for sorting out user needs and optimizing existing business;
    3. Have a high degree of professionalism, sense of responsibility, teamwork and communication and coordination skills;
    4. Require strong learning ability, the company provides professional ERP system training.
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