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Good news︱Mingji was awarded “Guangdong Provincial Contract-keeping and Credit-honoring Enterprise” for four years

Release time:2019-12-27

Shili Yintan, the scenery is beautiful. From July 19th to 20th, Mingji held the 2019 Mid-Year Meeting in the picturesque Huizhou Country Garden Shili Yintan Hotel. The executives who participated in the conference were open-minded and open-hearted. Based on the goals set at the beginning of the year, they analyzed and summarized the gains and losses in the first half of the year, and deployed the priorities for the second half of the year.

Chairman Jessica delivered an inspiring opening speech and a speech by Takaya Ken. The chairman said: "Whatever changes over time, what remains unchanged is the determination and confidence of MGE people to continue to improve each year. In the future, the company will win in strategy, and strategy will win in implementation, and execution will fall on professional talents and mechanisms; winning in the enterprise There is an organization of the same height, with the same values, common goals, and the same desire; winning on the recognition and support of customers and suppliers; winning on corporate culture, good culture is silent and sound, the initial establishment of corporate culture is every It ’s a supervisor who leads by example and self-discipline. "

The company also pays great attention to the automation investment and industrial design of intelligent manufacturing, and has carried out in-depth school-enterprise cooperation with Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Guangdong Institute of Automation, and has made breakthroughs in cable flexible manufacturing automation equipment, automated laser equipment and visual inspection equipment. Sexual progress!

In the first half of the year, under the harsh external environment such as trade war and intensified competition in the industry, the revenue of the Mingji Group still achieved the set goals, and major projects such as the construction of the group's informatization and the construction of the talent team were also advanced in an orderly manner. The chairman and other group executives made concise comments on their achievements and existing problems, and put forward constructive opinions and new requirements, which received unanimous applause from the participants.

Finally, the chairman made a concluding speech under the title of "New Challenges, New Opportunities, New Hopes", and made strategic planning and in-depth explanations of the Group's development in the next five years. The new plan is mainly based on the crisis and opportunities in the 5G era. It is elaborated from the dimensions of talent, technology, quality, and management. It proposes new hopes and new heights that will double the scale and efficiency within 5 years and become the industry benchmark. The chairman eagerly looks forward to: "All supervisors abide by professional ethics, be diligent in learning, improve their professional knowledge, be in awe of processes and systems, learn to make good use of ERP, lead by example, lead the team to work hard, and improve their overall literacy!"

Culture is the root and soul of the development of an enterprise. The senior management team also collectively explored the essence of Mingji's corporate culture and deeply understood the essence of "customer-centric, honesty and innovation-oriented". At the same time, the conference also strengthened the education of cadres' integrity and self-discipline, and the executives participating in the conference signed the “Mingji Group's Integrity Promise for Practitioners” and sworn collectively. Solemnly promise that as a cadre, you must treat others first, treat yourself with integrity, and be honest and self-disciplined. You will never use your power to seek personal gain, never harm the company's interests in any form, and consciously accept company audits and full supervision.

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